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MusicEditPro.com brings the world's finest audio editing specialists directly to your fingertips! For over fifteen years, MusicEditPro.com has served hundreds artists, dancers, choreographers, cheer teams, and fitness performers all around the world. Whether you need help with song choices and theme development or you already know exactly what you’d like, we'll be there every step of the way to make sure you get the audio soundtrack that matches your vision!


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MusicEditPro.com was created in the summer of 2008 with a goal to simplify clients' experience by avoiding the overwhelming e-mail communication that is standard in online creative services. The site has become an artistic home for Directors, Choreographers, Studio Owners, Gymnasts, and Cheer Teams that accept only the best when it comes to convenience, customer service, and the quality of their music mixes!

You pick music
We make the mix!

Choose "Detailed" edits if you need help with choosing songs,
themes or if youre not sure where to edit in the music.
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